What we do

As well as coppicing  and generally maintaining the woodland; we are  involved in promoting the values of Resilience and Sustainability as found in the Transition movement. Transition Monmouth ,is  a local group with the same goals and values as us. Take a look at their website. Link here.


We produce charcoal with an Exeter Retort and pack it in3Kg Coppice Association Bags. We supply air and solar shed dried Fuelwood. Contact me on john@lambsquay.com 

Lambsquay Charcoal    BSL0353458-0001    Firewood - virgin naturally seasoned    28/09/2015 09:12:37    6.90    



Planning Permission refused!
The Members of the Planning Committee overwhelming refused the Broiler Chicken factory despite a reccomendation for acceptance from the Planning Officer. 12/7/2016